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Asp.Net MVC

Learn step by step

Getting Started

Open Visual Web Developer 2012 Express ("Visual Web Developer" for short) and choose File New Project Web ASP.NET MVC web Application.
Visual Web Developer is an IDE, or integrated development environment. Just similar you use Microsoft Word to write documents, you will use an IDE to generate applications. In Visual Web Developer there is a toolbar across the top showing miscellaneous options accessible to you. There is also a menu that gives different way to perform tasks in the IDE.

Creating Your First Application

You can generate applications using either Visual Basic or Visual C# as the programming language. Choose Visual C# on the left and then choose ASP.NET MVC Web Application. Name your project "TutOnMVC" and then clickOK.

In the New ASP.NET MVC Project dialog box, choose Internet Application. choose Razorview engine.

Click OK. Visual Studio used a default template for the ASP.NET MVC project you just generate,so you have a running application right now without doing nothing! This is a "Hello World" project, and this is a good point to start your application.

From the Debug menu, choose Start Debugging.

To start debugging use keyboard shortcut F5.

F5 in Visual Studio to start IIS Express and run your web application. Visual Studio then open a browser and opens the application's home page. Observe that the address bar of the browser shows localhost and not something like tuton.com. That is because localhost always points to your personal local computer which in this situation is running the application you just built. When Visual Studio execute a web project, a odd port is used for the web server. See image below, the port number is 1408. When you run the application,you will probably see a different port number.

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