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What is Java?

Java is an Object Oriented programming language and computing platform initially launched by Sun Microsystems in 1995. IT is mandatory to install Java for lots of applications and websites to work, and more are created every day. Java is Quick, reliable,robust and secure. Java is all over the place! Like :laptops to datacenters, game screens to scientific supercomputers, mobile devices to the Internet

Creation of Java

In the early 90's, Java was made by a group headed by James Gosling for Sun Microsystems. It was initially intended for utilization on advanced cell phones. Notwithstanding, when Java 1.0 was released to people in general in 1996, its fundamental center had moved to use on the Internet. It gave more intuitiveness clients by giving engineers an approach to create vivified and animated pages . Through the years it has advanced as a fruitful and popular language for use both on and off the Internet. After 10 years, its still an amazingly prevalent and popular programming language with in excess of more than 6.5 million designers around the world.

Advantages of Java

Java was designed considering a couple of key standards as follows:

  • Simple to Use: The basics of Java came from c++ programming language. Despite the fact that c++ is an influential programming language, it was felt to be excessively unpredictable and highly complex in its Syntax, and deficient for the majority of Java's prerequisites. Java based on, and enhanced the concept of c++, to give a powerful programming language that was simple and easy to utilize.
  • Accuracy: Java required to lessen the probability of fatal errors from coder's mistakes. Keeping this in thought, object-oriented programming was introduced.Java’s robustness increased by bundling data and its control together in one spot.
  • Security: As Java was initially focusing on cell phones that would be trading information over systems, it was constructed to incorporate an high level of security. Java is likely the most secure programming language till date.
  • Platform Independency: Programs required to work paying little attention to the machine they were being executed on. Java was composed to be a versatile coding language that couldn't care about the Operating System or the hardware of the system.

Sun Microsystem's Team was successful in Putting these above key principles, and Java's fame can be followed to it being a robust, secure, simple to use, and a platform-independent language.

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